Every Year, Hundreds of Students Transfer to ѻý.

They felt lost at their other college, wanted a faster and more hands-on path to their career, or realized their passion lies in a different area of study.

Whatever your reason is for considering a transfer, we are here to help you achieve your academic and career goals as easily as possible!


If you’ve attended another college or university in any capacity since high school graduation, we welcome you to APPLY as a transfer student  to New England Tech!

Learn More About Our Requirements

  • Transfer Admissions Requirements

    Students who have completed high school and are enrolled in, or have attempted, 12 or more college/university credits, are considered transfer applicants. Transfer applicants must submit:

    1. Submit your application through the or through ѻý’s application portal – we have no preference between the two!
    2. Submit official copies of all high school transcripts, GED certificates, or homeschool certificates.
    3. Submit official college transcripts from all post-secondary school institutions that you have attended.
    4. Nursing applicants must submit a successfully completed and passed Kaplan assessment. Call 401-739-5000 or email [email protected] to schedule yours.
    5. Applicants are highly encouraged, though not required, to submit the following:
          • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation from teachers, employers, coaches, mentors, etc. who know both your academic abilities and personality
          • A 300-500 word open-topic essay
  • Transfer of Credit Policy

    New England Institute of Technology will accept transfer credits from another post-secondary institution, regionally accredited by an agency approved by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), which meet the following conditions:

    1. An official transcript from the institution at which the coursework was completed must be submitted to the Enrollment Management Office.
    2. The course(s) for which transfer credit is requested are equivalent in both credit hours and content to the theory and/or lab course(s) offered at ѻý. The student may be required to provide college catalog descriptions from the original institution for equivalency to be determined.
    3. Coursework in general education not leading to a degree will be evaluated for current relevancy; therefore, math, science, and technical courses must have been completed within 3 years of enrollment at ѻý while all other courses must have been completed within 10 years of enrollment at ѻý.
    4. Coursework related to the curriculum in a specific major must be evaluated by the relevant Department Chair.
    5. At the discretion of the Department Chair, courses that are not equivalent in both credit hours and content of required courses within an academic major, may be substituted for/accepted as technical electives.
    6. A student who has earned an associate degree will be considered to have met all associate-level general education requirements, unless any course(s) are prerequisites to coursework within the academic major.
    7. A student who has earned a bachelor’s degree will be considered to have met all bachelor-level general education requirements, unless any course(s) are prerequisites to coursework within the academic major.
    8. A maximum of 46 quarter (30 semester) transfer credits may be accepted for an associate degree program, 58 quarter (38 semester) transfer credits for an Applied Technical Studies associate degree program, 42 quarter (28 semester) transfer credits for a bachelor’s degree program, and 4 quarter (3 semester) transfer credits for a master’s degree program. No transfer credits are accepted for doctoral programs.
      A further detailed breakdown is provided in Table 1.0, below:

      Degree Level
      Source of Transfer Credit
      Minimum Quarter Credits for Degree
      92 92 88 varies varies
      Maximum Transfer Credit

      (in quarter credits)

      46 58 42 4 0
      Any combination of transfer credits from these sources may not exceed the Maximum Transfer Credit for the specific degree level and the General Education-Technical Credit distribution
      General Education 32 32 28 n/a 0
      Technical 14 14 14 n/a 0
      25 25 0 0 0
      CLEP Transfer
      46 50 0 0 0
      30 30 30 4 0

      Table 1.0, Transfer credit allocation by source and degree level.

    9. The minimum earned grade for undergraduate coursework in a non-health science program is a “C” (73%), or above.
    10. The minimum earned grade for undergraduate health science coursework will be held to the grade rules for the degree and program.
    11. The minimum earned grade for relevant graduate coursework is a grade of “B” (83%).
    12. Transcripts must be received prior to the second class session of any course in which the student is currently enrolled for consideration of transfer credit.
    13. Transfer coursework for which credit is awarded will be recorded, by the Enrollment Management Office, on the student’s transcript without a grade designation and therefore will not be calculated in the student’s grade point average but will be counted in computing satisfactory academic progress.
    14. Enrollment Management Office will make notifications regarding award of transfer credit to the Business Office and the Registrar. Student notifications will subsequently be made by the Enrollment Management Office.
    15. Requests for transfer credit from institutions located outside the U.S. will be evaluated on an individual basis with consideration of the above conditions.
    16. To convert semester hours to quarter hours, multiply earned semester hours by 1.5.

    Students may petition the Enrollment Management Office for consideration of special circumstances.

    Upon completion of the credit review process, students will receive written notification of the ѻý courses for which transfer credit was accepted.

    ѻý reserves the right to refuse admission to any student for any reason other than race, color, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, or disability.

    (Effective Summer 2021)

  • Transfer Scholarships

    All transfer students are eligible for both merit and need-based financial aid. Please click here to learn more about financial aid and how we invest in you.

    Apply to transfer today!

Transfer Credits

  • Will my credits transfer?

    Linked below is a list of colleges and courses that have previously been evaluated for transfer to New England Institute of Technology, per the review from our academic department chairs. If you don’t see your college or course listed, please reach out and we can review your work and add it to our transfer database. Please see the transfer of credit policy for specific guidelines on transfer credit.