With an emphasis on hands-on education, professional skill building from day one, instruction by industry leaders, small classes, extensive student support, and flexible learning options that include online education, New England Tech remains committed to what we’ve always fostered most: student success.

Mission & Objectives

At New England Tech, we understand that each student may have unique learning styles. We provide ample student support to help each of you succeed in becoming job-ready upon graduation. Our academic programs will help you develop highly marketable technical and interpersonal skills employers are looking for.

Most of our associate degree programs can be completed in as little as 18 months and our bachelor’s degree programs in as little as 3 years. We are dedicated to helping you pursue excellence in your education, from day one.

Hands-On Learning

At New England Tech, our strong focus on hands-on learning is what sets us apart, and it’s what will give you an edge in your career from day one. With unique, lab-based learning experiences, you’re able to develop real-world skills in your chosen trade or profession. Whether you’re designing games, serving as a valued healthcare professional, designing and building high performance places for people to live and work, working with advanced automotive technologies, deepening project management insights, or any of the many other professional opportunities at New England Tech, you’ll be gaining the kind of experience you need to excel in your career. Practice not only makes perfect; it also makes a professional.

Industry Expert Faculty

Learning about an industry is helpful but getting information from industry leaders about what careers truly entail is crucial. For that, you need industry experts who have deep experience, know what skills employers are looking for, and who can inspire and motivate those who are new to the field. That’s where our faculty comes in. Bringing considerable insight and a breadth of resources to their teaching, our faculty members help you navigate toward your career with greater clarity about what your profession requires, and how you can meet those needs.