Why Choose ѻý for Cybersecurity?

There’s a significant shortage in all sectors for skilled cybersecurity professionals, and demand is booming as this critical IT function continues to rapidly evolve.

Specialize in high-demand areas such as software engineering, web development, or cybersecurity and network engineering. Gain real-world experience tackling cyber incidents and networking challenges. Develop sought-after programming skills and learn to identify, assess, and mitigate potential cyber threats.

Become a vital part of today’s IT backbone. Start your journey towards a rewarding career in cybersecurity with ѻý.

Accelerated Degree Options

With the growing need for workforce-ready cybersecurity professionals, our program equips you to meet industry and employer demands. ѻý offers accelerated degree options, allowing you to complete your associate degree in as little as 18 months—six months sooner than other schools—so you can graduate sooner and enter the workforce faster.


With our cybersecurity degrees you’ll enjoy a fast-moving career path in an industry that’s always changing. At New England Tech, we offer hands-on practice in simulated lab environments with industry-specific technology and software. As part of our cybersecurity programs, dive deep into VMware, Fortinet Unified Threat Management, Skytap Virtual Cloud Platform, Kali Linux, and more. From day one, you’ll be learning technical skills from industry leaders who present real-world cases to solve. Our cybersecurity students are eligible to take internationally recognized cybersecurity exams, so you walk out the door with both a cybersecurity degree and a highly valued certification.

Home to Central Rhode Island’s only Cyberbit Simulation Range

ѻý is home to Central Rhode Island’s only Cyber Simulation Range. The ѻý Cyberbit Range is a state-of-the-art virtual simulation tool will that will provide the critical hands-on training and confidence that Cybersecurity students will need to stand out and meaningfully contribute to a real-world cybersecurity team beyond graduation. Through a partnership between New England Tech and Cyberbit, the simulation platform trains students and IT professionals through exercises that are virtually identical to the technically complex and high-pressure situations they will face in the real world.